Creative FLIP Opening Conference

The Opening Conference of the Creative FLIP Project took place from 11-13 April 2019 in Athens, jointly with the First meeting of the European Creative Hubs Network.

The Conference gathered hub managers, CCI professionals and experts from all over Europe and its neighborhood to discuss the current situation and opportunities for improvement of the existing ecosystem for CCI.

The focus was placed on the four priority areas of Creative FLIP – Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting in CCIs. More specifically, the aim was to generate ideas on how to strengthen CCI’s capacities for growth and development through improved access to finance, value recognition, and capacities to capture value from IP for actors in the CCI and connect the CCI with other sectors by demonstrating the transversal relevance of skills and expertise related to creative thinking.

Featuring a variety of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, world café session and smaller workshops, the Conference provided an excellent opportunity for networking, exchange and discussing potential synergies in the work of various CCI actors present at the Conference.

The extremely useful Conference outputs, especially the outcomes of the discussions during the world café sessions, will be used as a basis for the upcoming research and other activities foreseen within the Creative FLIP project.

For a small impression of the positive atmosphere at the Conference, have a look at our photo gallery.

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