Creative FLIP holds a workshop at the ECIS 2019, Helsinki

On 11 September 2019 Creative FLIP participated in the 9th European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) held in Helsinki. The Creative FLIP team had the opportunity to present the project to the general audience and to host a workshop on access2finance for CCIs.

350 policy makers, stakeholders and civil servants in the Cultural Creative Industries met in the former Finnish cable factory and Nokia production centre Kaapeli from September 10 to 11 2019 for the 9th European Creative Industries Summit (EICS).

The Summit was held under the auspices of the Finnish EU Presidency. It featured high-level speakers such as Hanna Kosonen (Minister of Culture and Science, Finland) and Viviane Hoffmann (Deputy Director, Directorate General for Education and Culture). For more information on the excellent speakers, main points of discussion and the outcomes of the Summit, please see here.

Creative FLIP was represented by Vassilis Charalampidis, Dubravka Jurisic and Joost Heinsius. The team was extremely pleased with a great turn out to the Creative FLIP session and the highly interested and reactive audience. Following the short presentations of the Creative FLIP project and the creative hubs as spaces for community building and innovation, the workshop focused on an interactive exchange with the participants about the main challenges for access2finance for CCIs.