Creative Hubs in Times of Covid-19″ , a diary of the distance exchange path, the prototype of a guide, a collection of contents and tools that we hope will also be useful to other space managers and community activators, is the result of a process of professional and work exchange between the members of the staff and communities of Officine On / Off and FOR.

The toolkit focuses on the exchange of good practices between collaborative workspaces through digital manufacturing, training, self-entrepreneurship and community involvement, for the survival and overcoming of a health, social and economic crisis.

The comparison between a newborn hub, FOR physically opened its doors in October 2020, and a consolidated one, Officine On/Off, active since 2013, has been a key issue to address, particularly considering the historical moment we are facing. A (re)start that demonstrates flexibility, sturdiness and ability to reconvert in an era in which space and physical proximity seem to represent more of a limit than a resource.

The remote work sessions carried out focused on the following topics:

  1. Mutual presentation of the respective lab and related activities
  2. Exchange of good practices (supply of products/ services) activated during the emergency period divided according to the categories
  3. Sharing of data collection tools during the opening and the re-opening of the hubs
  4. SWOT Analysis of the 2 hubs and their activities

Here you can download “Creative Hubs in Times of Covid-19”