Between November and December of 2020 BIZkoshnica Coworking from Zagreb, Croatia and CRU Cowork from Porto, Portugal had the chance to develop a P2P exchange aiming to share knowledge, good practices and build new complicities and alliances between creative hubs in Europe. Collaboration and networking, two main coworking values, stood out especially in the two-week P2P exchange between the participating hubs.

Through organising 5 online meetings the participants presented and took virtual tours in both hubs and reflected on issues such as: Covid adaptation, business model changes, and community management. Through those meetings the hub members explored the similarities and differences between the hubs, managing options, community building particularities, work and life balance issues and, mainly, focused on the mental health of their communities, an independent workforce that has been severely impacted by the Covid crisis.

As part of their collaboration, they organised Mindfulness WORKS an intimate and participatory workshop engaging with their broader communities in a self-awareness and self-development exercise. Mindfulness is extremely important and relevant in the times of crisis. BIZkoshnica and CRU Cowork recognised the need of their members and workers in the creative, cultural and business sectors to learn more about mindfulness approaches.

At the workshop the participants were invited to explore and discover their inner potential that helps them return to natural balance, learning how to connect with their emotions and be aware. The workshop proved to be so successful that a third session was added upon request of participants!

Mindfulness WORKS in Covid Times Workshop:

Keeping close contact with each other, BIZkoshnica Coworking, and CRU Cowork plan to establish a mobility agreement between members of both hubs that will allow them to work together and to apply as partners in future calls and opportunities.

Follow the link for more information on the exchange:
Creative FLIP p2p exchange between BIZkoshnica and CRU Cowork