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Creative Flip Learning Labs to kick off

Creative FLIP is happy to see the 15 selected hubs kicking off their Learning Labs

P2P exchange is moving online

As travel restrictions of each country are rapidly changing because of the pandemic, selected participants can now opt for an online adaptation of their exchange.

Creative FLIP announces results of the OPEN CALL for Learning Labs Program!

We are extremely pleased to announce the final selection of 15 Learning Labs Proposals.

6 months Creatives Unite

Creatives Unite, the platform by the cultural & creative sectors for the cultural & creative sectors.


Creative hubs to introduce creativity to schools, universities & all kinds and levels of education!

Guiding resilient financing systems for the CCS – Creative FLIP publishes analysis report

Creative FLIP is proud to share with you an analysis report which aims at a more crisis-resilient Access to Finance eco-system for the cultural and creative sectors.

FLIPPING THE ODDS Conference Conclusions published

Creative FLIP is proud to share with you the Conference Conclusions which are a result of January’s FLIPPING THE ODDS Conference in Brussels.

CreativesUnite online conference on the future of the CCS

For over one month, the CreativesUnite platform has been showcasing CCI initiatives from Europe and beyond as a response to the Covid-crisis that hit the sector so badly. Following a virtual meeting of EU Ministers of Culture held on 19 May 2020, Commissioner Gabriel proposed an online conference with the cultural and creative sectors, where the Commissioner herself and key EU policy-makers would meet CCS stakeholders to reflect on what has been done until now in response to the crisis and to plan together for a new future.

Anda Cowork and Creative Spark P2P Exchange

In late November and early December 2020 Creative Spark from Ireland hosted Anda Cowork form Granada in Spain for a virtual exchange visit.

BIZkoshnica and CRU Cowork P2P Exchange

Between November and December of 2020 BIZkoshnica Coworking from Zagreb, Croatia and CRU Cowork from Porto, Portugal had the chance to develop a P2P exchange focusing on the topic of Mindfulness.

Officine On / Off and FOR Present “Creative Hubs in Times of Covid-19”


Culture Hub Croatia and Anykščiai Art Incubator P2P Exchange


Espacio Arroelo and Zip House P2P Experience

During December of 2020 Espacio Arroelo had the chance to develop a P2P experience with Zip House in Moldova.

Nova Iskra and Creative Mentorship (Serbia) visits CRU Cowork (Portugal)

The thematic focus of our p2p exchange was mentorship, especially one dedicated to the actors and professionals from the creative sector. We used the opportunity to understand and map the potentials of the hosting hub in order to raise awareness on the value of mentorship and create guidelines for development of the future mentorship program for the hosting hub (CRU).

Creative Spark visit to Baltic Creative 15th-18th October 2019


Building irrigation sprinkler with Fablab Lisboa


Lottozero visits STPLN