Fulfilling a crucial task for the overall economy and society, CCIs are facing considerable problems in their ecosystems, with important framework conditions and systemic factors preventing them from unfolding their full growth potential. Through different activities, such as research, stakeholders consultation, preparing and testing guidelines, the consortium aims to improve the finance and patenting ecosystem in order to strengthen CCIs' capacities for growth and development through improved access to finance and value recognition, as well as their capacities to capture value from IP.
In order to achieve the cross-sectorial benefits of the CCIs, the development of cultural and creative skills for CCIs will be put in the European context of competences, qualifications and occupations. The goal is to develop models for identifying and addressing skills mismatches and to finally connect CCIs with other sectors by demonstrating the transversal relevance of skills and expertise related to creative thinking.
Simultaneously, the project will strengthen support structures for the CCIs through organizing mutual learning opportunities between Creative Hubs themselves, as well as between them and formal and informal education institutions.

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