Open call for applications
Creative hubs - ambassadors of change

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Creative FLIP
P2P exchange program
Third Round

Sharing learnings
and good practices

What did you do to face the challenges that the pandemic brought to your hub?
How did you stay connected with your team?
Did you try any new things?
Did they work?

Share your wisdom with your peers!

The Creative FLIP P2P exchange program is launching a new open call – inviting creative hubs and their members to become Ambassadors of change. The applicants are called to share new and innovative creative practices, programs or methods, created and tested to respond to the new conditions brought about by the pandemic.

These new practices can be related but not limited to digital shift, community building, co-working and co-creating online models, utilization of the space, distributed models of work etc.

Hubs are invited to become ambassadors of these new good practices, to disseminate them and train their peers.


The Creative FLIP P2P exchange program is aimed at engaging leading, established, and innovative creative hubs with peers from emerging creative hubs across Europe. The idea of the exchanges is to seek new formats of cross-sectoral cooperation, initiate projects of co-creation or collaborative plans, as well as to share knowledge and expertise across Europe through public and/or community events.

Nowadays that physical mobility is restricted, there is a need for knowledge exchange more than ever, especially concerning knowledge on how to tackle the new challenges that have arisen in the past year.

The second round of P2P exchanges met the outbreak of the pandemic, hindering most of the physical exchanges from taking place. Yet some of them moved to the digital sphere, generating interesting outputs and conclusions. The importance of knowledge exchange between peers was stressed out during the pandemic, as the shift from physical to digital interaction requires new skills and competences.

This third round of the P2P program is therefore aiming to tackle this gap of knowhow by detecting and highlighting good practices that emerged during the crisis by the creative sector, but also by facilitating the sharing of these new methodologies and ideas in an interactive way.

Inspired by the Creatives Unite platform and its vision to gather creative initiatives and make them available to the creative sector, the third round of P2P is focused on peer knowledge exchange by matching the needs or problems that emerged for the creatives with the solutions generated by creatives.

How to apply

The applicants are requested to submit their innovative ideas, methods and practices that occurred from the restrictions that the pandemic brought. These ideas must have been already successfully tested and implemented. A detailed description of their ideas and the implementation process is required for the application.

The format

Successful applicants will be invited to:

  • present their ideas through an open event for peers and interested parties;
  • make themselves available for the period of one month on a weekly basis for one- on- one meetings and communication with peers that are interested in their practice.
  • create an inspirational tool of their choice (a video, a toolkit, a guide, a handbook, etc.) by the end of the program.
  • selected initiatives will be showcased at the Creative FLIP’s final conference.

A dedicated platform, embedded in the Creative FLIP website, is going to facilitate the exchange between ambassadors and participants and will also gather the tools of good practices generated by the ambassadors.


The program will run for one month  (June 2021) through a dedicated platform that will facilitate the exchange between the selected participants and their peers.

An opening event will be held and kickstart the month of exchange between peers.

During this month, the ambassadors will make themselves available for questions and one-on-one meetings upon request on a weekly basis.

By the end of the project, they will be invited to submit an inspiring tool to be uploaded on the platform that can be easily used by peers to implement the idea in their own hub.


Deadline for submission

Applications must be submitted by Sunday May 16th, 23.59 CET



End of May – Selection of applicants

 4 June – Kick-off event of the platform

15 June – Submission of inspirational tools of knowledge

21-22 June – Creative FLIP Final Conference, Creative Hubs Knowledge Trading Platform workshop


Selected participants will receive a lump sum support in the amount of 2,000 EUR towards their commitment to produce the learning materials, participate in the workshops and be available for exchanging with peers on their initiatives for one month.

50% of the funds will be pre-financed, while the remaining amount will be paid upon the delivery of the tools and receipt of the report and necessary supporting documents.

Application process



The third round of the Creative FLIP P2P exchange program is open to creative hubs and their members which are based in one of the eligible countries of the project: EU MS, Creative Europe countries and ENP countries. In the case that a member of a hub is applying for participation, the application must be submitted by the creative hub on behalf of the member.

The submitted proposals must represent recovery solutions and innovative methods that respond to the challenges of the pandemic.



An evaluation committee composed by the members of the project team and specially selected experts from the CCI field will be selecting the applications. The criteria used for evaluation will be:

  • quality of the proposal
  • originality of the proposal and relevance to the subject
  • sustainability of the outputs

Geographical diversity and diversity of topics/tools will be taken into account.

The selection process will be completed by the end of May 2021 and all applicants will be informed on the success of their application.