September 2022

2022/23 will be an exciting school year for the students participating in this edition of the Creative FLIP Learning Labs! 15 selected facilitating organisations in Serbia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal Ireland, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania are in their starting blocks and ready to introduce students to the skills and future perspectives of the cultural and creative sectors (CCS).

These Learning Labs, co-creation projects implemented locally between schools and CCS organisations, cover a spectrum of topics and sub-sectors – from Architecture, Design & Fashion, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Media and Press, Audio-visual to Cultural Heritage & Museums.

As part of the program launch we are looking forward to bringing all facilitators together in October during the next Creative FLIP conference in Porto.

Discover planned activities now on the dedicated webpage and stay tuned for first #LearningLabs Stories from theatre workshops, archaeological excavation, Design-Thinking processes and much more on our social media channels!

This program is implemented during the European Year of Youth (EYY2022).