October 2022

From 10-12 October 2022, Creative FLIP and European Creative Hubs Network jointly organized the second edition of BauTopia – the Culture and Creativity Conference.

The conference was organized in cooperation with CRU creative hub, UPTEC & Dinamo10 and co-promoted by the Municipalities of Porto and Viana do Castelo.

Under the slogan Glocalization in culture and creativity. Empowering the sectors through knowledge exchange., the event gathered close to 150 participants – representatives of creative hubs and CCS organizations, local and regional policy-makers and cultural and creative professionals across Europe and Portugal.

The conference tackled important topics for the cultural and creative stakeholders today: How to access different financing resources and protect your Intellectual Property Rights, What is the future of arts education and education through the arts? How to bring forward Collaborative cross-sectoral initiatives that are based on the principle of equality of stakeholders and empathy? How can mobility programs act as a springboard for the establishment of sustainable and long-term partnerships among the hub community? How to approach glocalization and specific cultural policies for the non-urban and rural areas and their cultural scene? And many others.

The conference took place in three different locations in Porto and Viana do Castelo, and was also live-streamed for the online audience.

Discover the conference agenda, speakers and keynote addresses on the dedicated www.BauTopia.eu webpage.

The recordings of sessions and photo gallery from the event are coming soon!