Impact harvesting & stories worth telling

Madrid, March 2023

On 21 and 22 March a group of 20 cultural practitioners and cultural managers representing this year’s edition of Creative FLIP Learning Labs was hosted at the Goethe-Institut Madrid, welcomed by Creative FLIP team and the Institute’s director, Dr. Antonia Blau.

The networking meeting marked the final phase of the Program running under the umbrella of the European Year of Youth in 2022/23, promoting cross-sectoral cooperation between the Cultural and Creative Sectors and the Education. Led by FLIP team and an external facilitator, participants dived deep into their project journeys, reflecting from both their own and the students’ perspective, and harvesting the impact made through their labs.

Learning Labs are local cooperation projects between cultural and creative organisations and schools. The cohort of this school year’s edition focussed on exploring various professions from the sector with workshops ranging from podcasting, theatre play, (animated) filmmaking and cinema, product design, music production, cultural heritage and cultural management to the creation of audio-visual description (AD) for visually impaired.

More than halfway through their journey with the participating schools and students, our Learning Lab facilitators met in Madrid to exchange on the ups and downs, the lessons learnt and to envision the future of innovative learning and such cross-sectorial cooperation.

What happened during your workshops, what changes did you observe in students, teachers but also in your own organisation? What do we attribute these changes to and what symbol can we give to it? These and other questions were on our agenda in order to uncover and formulate real life impact stories created through Learning Labs. We heard of inspired students in Croatia and Portugal who unveiled great talent and want to pursue a career in product design or formed a music band as a result.

Curious to hear more? Stay tuned with Creative FLIP Learning Labs Program! For now, check out some impressions from this last event in Madrid.