Kickstarting the Next Phase of Creative FLIP!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new and exciting phase of the Creative FLIP project! Last week, we had an incredible kick-off meeting at the Goethe-Institut Brussels, where a group of stakeholders from across the cultural and creative sector gathered to set the stage for the next two years.

A Big Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the kick-off meeting on 4 July 2024. Your active participation, critical comments, and engaging questions were invaluable and set a positive tone for the journey ahead.

Project Goals for the Next 2 Years:
Building on the project’s achievements from the previous 5 years, the new project phase of Creative FLIP aims to fortify the CCSI by addressing the main challenges faced by the CCSI professionals, increasing their long-term resilience, and preparing them to tackle future disruptions and transformation processes.

Our focus areas include:
Working Conditions
Intellectual Property Rights
Green, digital and social Transformation

Whether through fostering cross-sectoral collaboration, research, consultation-based policy recommendations, innovative practices, new financial models, or pooling of information and resources, we aim to equip the sector more effectively to handle whatever the future holds.

Our Motivation: 

Fostering Cross-Sectoral Cooperation: Bringing together diverse experiences and insights to strengthen our collective capacity to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. This collaborative approach is key to building a robust and interconnected cultural and creative ecosystem.

Driving green, digital & social Transformation: Emphasizing innovative practices and new models that will enable the sector to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By embracing green, digital and social transformation, we aim to create a dynamic and forward-looking cultural and creative sector.

Enabling Peer Learning and Mobility: Offering opportunities for learning and exchange that empower individuals and organizations to gain new perspectives and skills. Peer learning and mobility are essential for fostering creativity and innovation.
Stay tuned!

Join Us on This Journey!
We believe in the power of collaboration and the transformative potential of this project. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s continue to work together to make a lasting impact on the cultural and creative sectors.
Thank you once again to everyone who made our kick-off event a success. Let’s continue to work together to make a lasting impact on the cultural and creative industries.

Spread the Word
We encourage you to spread the word about the Creative FLIP project within your networks. By sharing our mission and goals, you can help us engage more
stakeholders and foster broader cross-sectoral cooperation.

For more information about the Creative FLIP project and to stay updated on our progress, please visit our website regularly and follow us on social media.

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