Creatives Unite is growing!
Discover our two new online Tools for Finance and IPR!

Creatives Unite, the flagship initiative of the Creative FLIP project, proudly presents two new Tools to support the cultural and creative sectors:

Browse through close to 700 different private finance and national public funding providers!

Answer questions to receive opportunities and a financing mix specifically tailored for you!
Get inspired by examples of your fellow creatives and cultural professionals that have successfully combined different financing resources!
Find out about other useful tools and resources that may guide you on your journey!

Intellectual Property is at the heart of the cultural and creative industries and there are many tools around Europe to help creators in providing information about IP. My IP Tool collects over 250 such different tools in one place.

You can browse them based on language, your subsector or other factors, to discover Tools specific to your needs! Read inspiring stories from CCS professionals who have successfully used IP in their work!

Creatives Unite was born in response to the pandemic and the pressing need to gather in one place pertinent initiatives and information related to the CCS in the EU in response to the COVID crisis.

It was launched at the initiative of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel in May 2020 and received immediate overwhelming support from the stakeholders.

With the gradual recovery of the sector and focus on its post-pandemic future, as well as with other rising emergencies which required immediate response and support to the CCS (such as the Ukrainian crisis), the Creatives Unite platform expanded its thematic scope and role for the sector, now covering all CCI-related initiatives, and continuing to serve as the main source of up-to-date key relevant information for the sector.

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The Creatives Unite and its tools are developed and implemented by Creative FLIP project partners: the Goethe-Institut, European Creative Hubs Network, IDEA Consult, Institut de la Propriété Intellectuelle Luxembourg GIE (IPIL) and key experts, with the support of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.