Lottozero visits STPLN

Lottozero / textile laboratories paid us a visit from their homebase in Prato, Italy to connect with the textile design and creative scene of Malmö. We spent a week together exploring-by-doing everything from how to run a space that is community-centered, why the new kid on the block plays such a decisive role, and the importance of doing over talking about doing.


The five days were made up of

+4 study visits to hometown heroes Repamera, Jenny Lee, Malmö Upcycling Service & Seljak Brand

+1 completely redesigned and revamped textile workshop in our basement

+1 Wardrobe Spa with 30 enthusiastic participants

+A bunch of conversations on the devastating cost of the fashion and textile industry and the importance of community-driven, design-oriented spaces to address this dirty habit


This peer-to-peer exchange was made possible through the P2P program run by the European Creative Hubs Network and Goethe Institut as a part of the CreativeFLIP project, with funding from the European Commission. This amazing initiative, which STPLN is a proud member of, gives the chance for us to interact with fantastic creative hubs across Europe all working within the Creative and Cultural Industries in their own way.