Creative FLIP Learning Laboratories

“Supporting cross-sectorial cooperation between creative hubs and educational institutions”

As part of Creative FLIP project, its consortium facilitates so called Learning Laboratories – innovative pilot projects for cross-sectorial cooperation between Creative Hubs and (non-) formal educational institutions of all kinds and levels in EU Member States, Creative Europe Countries and ENP Countries!

Creative FLIP seeks to create an innovative environment benefiting from cross-sectoral collaboration. Within that context we foster long-lasting cooperation and relationships between the CCS and the educational system through joint projects between schools/Universities/various types of non-formal educational institutions and Creative Hubs. We acknowledge the need for and actively contribute to more creative components in education.

Our offer: financial support to Creative Hubs in order to seek cooperation with educational institutions.

Given the current situation and measures taken with regards to covid-19, many sectors and individual stakeholders are under severe pressure. This is the case for creative professionals as well as for the educational system. Naturally, cooperation between the before-mentioned is even more difficult than before, yet it has never been more important. Creative skills are the first to be set aside in education, often judged to be less important soft skills. Creative FLIP aims to counteract this tendency, proactively turning a moment of doubt into fruitful cooperation.

For these reasons, the Creative FLIP project is proud to provide the opportunity to creative professionals, artists and community managers gathered around Creative Hubs to come up with innovative programs, so called Learning Labs. These programs aim for transversal and creative skills transfer and are implemented in cooperation with educational institutions.