June 2023

This second edition of our own Learning Labs Program is coming to an end. It has been a school year full of learning, creativity, culture, art & collaboration.

Creative FLIP Project strives to strengthen the cultural and creative sector (CCS) through various activities, one of which is the Learning Labs Program which fosters cross-sectoral cooperation between the CCS and the Education. How does that strengthen the sector? A resilient, future-proof sector relies on its future professionals, the creatives of tomorrow. By connecting today’s sector professionals with local schools, teachers, and students, we can shape the CCS’ future.

Out of over 170 applications received, 15 selected facilitating sector organisations set out at the beginning of the school year, to collaborate with a school of their choice and to pass on their first-hand experience and know-how to the students. Together they explored the work that is done in theatres, cinemas, museums, FabLabs, music production studios, creative hubs, news rooms and other representative areas.

Nine months later and just before the summer break, we are ready and beyond proud to be sharing the results of each of the Learning Labs. As diverse as our facilitating organisations are, as divers are the results of their labs.
Follow us on a journey through 11 countries, 15 schools and projects, and one goal that unites them all: introducing transversal skills at schools, gaining confidence through creativity and discovering the exciting opportunities the sector has to offer.

Here is part I of the journey, featuring THEAMA (theatre for disabled), Omnichord (music production), Artkomas (architecture), Culture Hub Croatia (Cultural Management) and Creative Spark (Product Design)!