OPEN CALL – Creative FLIP is looking for a Researcher on working conditions

06 July 2023 In the context of its Work Package on Innovation, the Creative FLIP consortium and expert Joost Heinsius, have conducted intensive research on the […]

This was the 2022/23 cohort of Creative FLIP Learning Labs Program

June 2023 This second edition of our own Learning Labs Program is coming to an end. It has been a school year full of learning, creativity, […]

Learning Labs Networking Meeting 2023

Impact harvesting & stories worth telling Madrid, March 2023 On 21 and 22 March a group of 20 cultural practitioners and cultural managers representing this year’s […]

School Full of Heritage

March, 2023 In the outskirts of Athens, Peripatos in cooperation with the 1st Primary School of Vrilissia is teaching students different ways to relate cultural heritage […]

Discover Creative FLIP TWIN HUBS Exchange Program

Discover Creative FLIP TWIN HUBS Exchange Program Based on the sister-city model the 2022/23 edition of Creative FLIP Peer to Peer (P2P) exchanges will bring together […]

Creative FLIP launches Policy Paper: “From Reaction to Action – Collaborative Transformation Policies in Culture and Beyond for Future-Oriented Policy-Making and Action”

February 2023 Our latest publication aspires to activate policy-makers and stakeholders on all governance levels to update cultural policy frameworks by the means of new types […]

My Culture, My Story

January 2023 “Smyrna is a princess” wrote already Victor Hugo who knew of the invaluable beauty and cultural richness of Izmir, and offered it a poem. […]

Shaping the world around us

December 2022 At St Mary’s College in Dundalk, Ireland, students are being encouraged to find motivation and thrive through creativity. In Ireland, before heading to University […]

Culture for all – Inclusiveness through theatre PLAY
(Production, Learning, Activities for Youth)

December 2022 In the end of the year Creative FLIP was hosted in Athens, meeting with Vassilis Oikonomou and Maria Dragatakis, facilitators of one of fifteen […]

Anda Cowork and Creative Spark P2P Exchange

In late November and early December 2020 Creative Spark from Ireland hosted Anda Cowork form Granada in Spain for a virtual exchange visit.

BIZkoshnica and CRU Cowork P2P Exchange

Between November and December of 2020 BIZkoshnica Coworking from Zagreb, Croatia and CRU Cowork from Porto, Portugal had the chance to develop a P2P exchange focusing on the topic of Mindfulness.

Officine On / Off and FOR Present “Creative Hubs in Times of Covid-19”


Culture Hub Croatia and Anykščiai Art Incubator P2P Exchange


Espacio Arroelo and Zip House P2P Experience

During December of 2020 Espacio Arroelo had the chance to develop a P2P experience with Zip House in Moldova.

Nova Iskra and Creative Mentorship (Serbia) visits CRU Cowork (Portugal)

The thematic focus of our p2p exchange was mentorship, especially one dedicated to the actors and professionals from the creative sector. We used the opportunity to understand and map the potentials of the hosting hub in order to raise awareness on the value of mentorship and create guidelines for development of the future mentorship program for the hosting hub (CRU).

Creative Spark visit to Baltic Creative 15th-18th October 2019


Building irrigation sprinkler with Fablab Lisboa


Lottozero visits STPLN